Parcel and Post

Parcel and post delivery isn’t a new concept, though there are revolutionary concepts of how it can be delivered to the recipient.

We believe that there should be more flexibility to how the items are delivered. Whether it be at the recipients own desired time, or best convenience.



There are multiple uses for robots and autonomous vehicles to deliver food items.

One is as an alternative to deliver your take away order to your door, reducing costs of the delivery fee.

The second is business to business where produce is sent from the supplier straight to the restaurant, reducing operation costs for the supplier and the delivery costs to the restaurant.

Our ambition in this field is to make deliveries seamless and automated!

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Within your office or facilities

Our ambition is to provide a service where your orders can be delivered to your door, desk, or shop. Be it indoors in your office or across your facility!

Imagine being at your office desk and having your beverage and snacks delivered to you without having to leave your desk. Or even having items sent across your facility autonomously, without having to lose productivity going the distance yourself.